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We are open

by Saul Ravencraft -

We are finally starting to use this system to offer education for people interested in personal and magickal development.

Saul Ravencraft will be your primary instructor, but we are set up to have guest instructors as well. Register with the site and look out for upcoming offerings. There will be a blend of premium live courses and archived on-demand material.

Available courses

The Power of Myth.jpgThe Power of Myth is a fascinating set of six conversations between journalist, Bill Moyers, and professor of literature, Joseph Campbell. Campbell's specialty was comparative mythology and comparative religion. He was a key resource for George Lucas when he developed the Star Wars mythology. These conversations are an enlightening view of humans, their gods, and their spirituality.

In this course, we will watch the episodes as a group and discuss our own observations. It may help clear up some conflicts about religion, spirituality and one's own path. Meetings will be Tuesday nights at 7:00pm for six weeks. Your payment covers all six weeks. Replays will be available for people who miss the class night.